PJ Salvage
Written by Yvette N. Coleman

Founded in 1996, P.J. Salvage is one of the leading manufacturers of fashionable PJ’s, loungewear and women’s intimates. Known for using luxury fabrics and chic patterns, P.J. Salvage transformed nightwear and began a renaissance in bedroom fashions that has crossed over into loungewear and everyday wear. Paying meticulous attention to every detail, P.J. Salvage prides itself in superior quality, luxurious fabrics, celebratory fits, and chic style.

The spring collection was inspired by a variety of sweet, small mark flowers to the presence of Ikat patterns. The traditional woven Ikat pattern was modernized by printing it and adding an unexpected pop of color, which we did in the group "Coastal Encounter". Also, the mixing of small mark floral patterns was a fresh update to print mixing. By mixing multiple prints, the garments instantly look more interesting and special. Tier tops are a great vehicle for this trend as in their "Sleepless Nights" group or "Garden Party" group. “Our ideal customer is a fashion conscience, contemporary woman who appreciates luxurious fabrics and mixes style with comfort in all aspects of her life,” says Peter Burke-founder.

How is your collection different from others? Why do I want to buy your brand before others?
P.J. Salvage is different from the others because of the fashion ability, quality in fabrics and attention to detail. Our prints also set us apart from the competition. They are trend right and range from fun and whimsical to sweet and sophisticated. We also have a broad range of product from intimates to loungewear to active wear. You will definitely find something that fits your mood and style.

Tell us about the fabric choice.  Is there anything that would surprise us?
The fabric choices are to key to P.J. Salvage.  The hand feel and wash make each item special.  We run cozy favorites season to season like our modals and vintage velour’s.  We are always looking for the next key fabrication to become part of the line.

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?  Does the economy directly affect the lingerie industry?  
I believe you have to push the design envelope during these economic times, but still maintain the comfy, soft and warm feeling.  The economy affects every industry, but in these times people tend to stay at home more, and therefore there is a need for more loungewear/sleepwear.

How has the "eco-conscious" movement affect your collection?
We are very eco-conscious, and only use recycled paper for our packaging, and we do have some items in environmentally friendly fabrics.

What are some of the more popular styles in your collection?
Our modal fabric styles are among the top sellers.  It really is all about the hand feel. 

What's the coziest recommendation you have for winter sleepwear right now?
I can't choose a favorite, but the coziest recommendation would have to be our Vintage Velour’s and Modals.  They are soft and warm and come in a variety of prints to fit your style.

What's next for your collection?
We will launch active wear in the near future. We are not swimwear specialists but would certainly look at someone to license it.

What advice would you give women whose bodies may not be the “model-type”, but who love your collection and want to wear it?
Wear it!  We know women are not all the same. That's why we offer a range of styles that work for all body types. It definitely is not only catered to the "model-type" body. 

You can find P.J. Salvage in better department stores and boutiques around the world.  Price points range from $70 - $100.

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