Passport Panties
Written by Yvette N. Coleman

Three best friends Morgan Harbin, Mary Kay Bowden, and Kim Wilson launched MMK Brands in 2005, a US based intimate apparel company, after discovering a niche in the women’s intimate apparel industry. Creating savvy solutions to the daily predicaments of being a woman, MMK Brands has become known as one of the top boutique lingerie brands that offers innovative, well thought out products that make shopping for lingerie fun.

With their first collection, The Passport Panties Collection, the girls introduced a unique concept for women on the go. Morgan, Mary Kay and Kim, modern women with little time to waste, were constantly traveling and realized the need for all women to have spare underwear they could discreetly keep at arms length for those emergency situations. Passport Panties, reusable high-quality mesh panties, are packaged in chic Faux Croc passport covers, tucking conveniently and subtly into any woman’s handbag or carryon. With Passport Panties, MMK Brands offers women a product that is practical, packable, and perfectly posh.

“Our start in the industry began four years ago with an idea for a product, Passport Panties, which are panties that are packaged in a passport cover for the girl on the go. The development of this product was our actual introduction to the business. At the time, we had no formal training in the lingerie design, but all three of us brought different skills to the team. Morgan designed a line of cocktail dresses for the first company that she owned, Birdie Bass. Mary Kay had just received a Masters degree from Yale, and I was working for the luxury fashion brand, CHANEL, in its press office in New York City. Throughout the past four years, we have learned the business and have now developed a line of sexy shapewear,” says Kim.

Each season, the Passport Panties collection features a different destination collection. Currently, the collection is Parisian inspired. The girls have designed the collection using fabrics and sophisticated colors found in French fashion.

For MMK shapewear the trio combined sex appeal and glamour. The collection is inspired by Hollywood. The colors used in their collection are called, whites camera action, brief nudity, film noir, red carpet red, and paparazzi pink.

Why do I want to buy your brand before others? 
Our products look stunning on the body.  Our body shapers are “meant to be seen”.  They have sexy silhouettes and come in flattering colors.  We also use advanced technologies and construction methods to create our products.  Our sew-free technique called Bonded for Life creates a sleek look while enhancing mobility and versatility in the garments. 

Tell us about the fabric choice.  Is there anything that would surprise us?  We incorporate fabrics that have permanent wellness features such as antibacterial and moisture wicking components. 

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs? 
Our friends in the apparel business might be feeling this more than we are at the moment. Woman may be spending less on clothing but are still spending on body shapers to bring new life to their existing wardrobe. 

Do you have a personal favorite sleep outfit?
The Passport Panties nightie has been a favorite of mine this season.  The mesh fabric feels incredibly soft again my skin, and the lace detail gives it an elegant look.

What's next for your collection? 
We are preparing for our next Passport Panties destination for Fall 2009, which will be announced midsummer.  Also, you can expect to see more styles in our shapewear.  We are introducing a bustier, strapless bra, and lounge suits.

What advice would you give women whose bodies may not be the “model-type”, but who love YOUR COLLECTION and want to wear it?  Our collection was designed with these women in mind.  Our products are perfect for their body types. 

Words of wisdom:
Have faith in your own skills and abilities.  You would be surprised what you can accomplish on your own. 

Their collections can be purchased at Neiman Marcus, high-end retail stores, and online.  They have designed shaper shorts, thongs, bikinis, tanks, bras, and slips all ranging from $45 to $200.

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