Naughty Janet
Written by Yvette N. Coleman

The Naughty Janet brand allows women all over the world to unleash their inner sex kitten with their daring and seductive fantasies.  The brand will inspire the mood of the late 20’s Bordellos and Salons in Berlin and Paris.  The provocative wear is for those unafraid to experiment and release inhibitions with fashionable delicate lingerie.  This Valentine’s explore your naughty side!

Why do I want to buy your brand before others?
Naughty Janet is the only Brand making lingerie for a lover which is incredibly well fitted and using only the finest components and jewels. There are much cheaper ranges but Naughty Janet is the Rolls Royce of sexy lingerie!

We always debate about whether women buy for themselves or for a significant other-what is your take?
 Both are true…. Women buy for themselves more and more  but also for a significant other. I would say more of our Naughty Janet range is bought for a significant ‘other’

How has the "eco-conscious" movement does this affected your collection?
We are bringing components in from all over the world and ship all over the world – where possible we try to consolidate shipping to have a less harmful effect on the environment and we recycle whatever we can…..

What are some of the more popular styles in your collection?
Our best seller for Spring 09 has been the silk T’Shirt bra which we have continued for AW09.

What's the coziest recommendation you have for winter sleepwear right now?
My favorite is a sexy little silk chemise but I am unable to recommend something cozy as the cosiest thing in our collection is a pair of gorgeous silk pyjamas which I would highly recommend along with a handsome man…..

What's next for your collection?
Janet Reger has a number of related products made under License. We have recently launched a capsule beach line called Janet Reger Plage but we are actively looking for a License to take over this product category. Recently we have launched bed linen in the UK, Eyewear, Cosmetic Bags and accessories, and Watches and Jewelry.

What advice would you give women whose bodies may not be the “model-type”, but who love YOUR COLLECTION and want to wear it?Love the Body you are in, the man who loves you loves you for it too or do something about it!


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