Written by Yvette N. Coleman

The Lavit brand has something special this season: Brazilian flora with the use of 100% eco- friendly fabrics. The brand is known for giving its customers what they want: comfort, sexiness, and exclusivity. Lavit is for the real woman that wants to wear something feminine yet affordable. This collection offers the finest laces, fabrics and finishing materials to keep their pieces relevant.

Why do I want to buy your brand before others?
Because once you use Lavit nothing else will compare. Not only are the fabrics soft to the touch but the pieces also move with you. We try to stay different by introducing different designs and innovative fabrics. We also don't mass produce, this allows us to stay fresh. 

Tell us about the fabric choice.  Is there anything that would surprise us? Fabric choice is the most important thing to us because it allows us to create a fine piece of lingerie. We mix embroidered tulle with lace and always add a detail to our pieces, example: could be a guipure lace appliqué or a design in swarovki crystals.

What are some of the more popular styles in your collection?
Our lace halter bra and boy shorts, is our best seller. It is available in a wide assortment of colors.

What's the coziest recommendation you have for winter sleepwear?
Our favorite sleep outfit is the Hudson pant and hoodie set. This set is part of our bamboo line it is very comfortable and cozy. 

What's next for YOUR Collection? 
Continue with collections that are eco friendly yet sophisticated and comfortable. We try to make green choices in our own lives. In our business, we have launched 2 great eco friendly collections made out of 100% bamboo that has been well received by everyone. 

What advice would you give women whose bodies may not be the “model-type”, but who love your collection and want to wear it?
We created our collection based on our 3 bodies. We have curves and do not have model-type bodies. To that end, we have created innovative designs like adding adjustable side straps to our thongs. 

Words of wisdom:
Have a lot of patience, Rome was not built in one day! 

Lavit is available in over 90 stores across the U.S. 
Suggested retail prices: $35 -$275

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