Janet Reger
Written by Yvette N. Coleman

The new romantic mind of Aliza Reger (CEO of Janet Reger – London) embraces luxury, glamour and tradition for beautiful lingerie. Janet Reger is 40 years old and is best embodied by a celebrity from each decade: 1970’s Joan Collins, 1980’s Princess Diana, 1990’s Madonna, 00’s Angelina Jolie. The Janet Reger brand is elegant and delicate and will be appreciated by the woman that enjoys the finer things in life. Throughout its history the brand has continued to provide style, quality, and sensible fits for every season. Janet Reger customers will treasure each piece for years to come.

Do you agree that the economic times call for minimalist designs?  Does the economy directly affect the lingerie industry?
No, I don’t agree with this at all, in tough economic times people want ‘more’ not ‘less‘and we are seeing lots of embellishment, jewels and details.

Has the "eco-conscious" movement affect your collection?
We are bringing components in from all over the world and ship all over the world – where possible we try to consolidate shipping to have a less harmful effect on the environment and we recycle whatever we can…..

What are some of the more popular styles of lingerie in your collections?
Our best seller for Spring 09 has been the silk T’Shirt bra which we have continued for AW09.

What's the coziest recommendation you have for winter sleepwear?
My favorite is a sexy little silk chemise but I am unable to recommend something cozy as the cosiest thing in our collection is a pair of gorgeous silk pyjamas which I would highly recommend along with a handsome man…..

What's next for YOUR Collection?
Janet Reger has a number of related products made under License. We have recently launched a capsule beach line called Janet Reger Plage but we are actively looking for a License to take over this product category. Recently we have launched bed linen in the UK, Eyewear, Cosmetic Bags and accessories, and Watches and Jewelry.

What advice would you give women whose bodies may not be the “model-type”, but who love YOUR COLLECTION and want to wear it?
Love the Body you are in, the man who loves you loves you for it too or do something about it!
Janet Reger has been a favorite of British royalty such as the late princesses Diana and Margaret as well as the younger royals and many royals from the Gulf States. In addition we can list celebrities and pop divas and a wide variety of IT girls such as Paris Hilton as customers. We also supplied Katie Holmes (Tom Cruises Wife) lingerie for her wedding night.
Janet Reger is available in retail outlets in the UK and sell our line worldwide to luxury stores (Galleries Lafayatte in Paris, Harvey Nichols in Dubai, Bloomingdales and Henri Bendell in New York) along with many private boutiques. Please visit

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