Filo Sofia
Filo Sofia Written by Yvette N. Coleman

Inspired by real women with a designer taste, the Filo Sofia brand keeps key ideals in mind when creating fashion forward styles: lifestyle, haute couture, and innovation. The Filo Sofia brand allows women to enjoy expressing their feminine side without compromising fit or comfort. “Innovation is the key, and at filoSofia every collection is different from the previous. Collections and styles are always designed by keeping up with women’s lifestyle. With a declining economy, there is more of a cocooning effect. And at Filo Sofia we believe ‘Why lounge in flannel when you can lounge in style with Filo Sofia?’”, says designer Sofia Menghini.

With soft colors and fabrics, superior quality and functionality, the brand walks a fine line between innerwear and outerwear. This collection is fresh, active, stylish and pays extremely close attention to details for the craftsmanship. The look is simple and modern with beautiful fabrics, world trends and everyday surprises!

What are some of the more popular styles in your collection?

All styles do equally well within the Filo Sofia collection, every piece compliments and adds on to the other. As for our best sellers our chemises do extremely well they are easy to mix and match, as for nightwear and easily worn as outerwear (pair it with leggings or with jeans) and no one can have too many!

What are the biggest trends in lingerie for spring ‘09?
Every woman should follow her body type and her mood, understanding that trends are there for the moment by wearing lingerie that will fit their personality or their wardrobe. Mixing it up, having fun while showing it off!

What's next for your Collection?
Definitely, Filo Sofia swimwear will have all the aspects of originality and ingenuity in its collection which we are hoping to launch in 2009. At Filo Sofia we give much preference to style, comfort and distinction, in return Filo Sofia is putting forth an organic collection to support in its part the environment. Stay tuned!

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