EA Lingerie
Aurora Borealis

Written by Yvette N. Coleman

The Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 collection Aurora Borealis is inspired by the bright "Northern Lights" that appear in the night skies of Polar Regions with many beautiful shapes and colors. The name comes from Aurora, the Roman goddess of sunrise, and from Boreas, a Greek word that means wind. These sumptuous lights, like ea-lingerie, give thought to an erotic feeling full of glory, glamour, and elegance.

EA Lingerie’s Aurora Borealis collection includes luxurious and sophisticated sets proposing different and provocative shapes evocative of the "Northern Lights." This fascinating collection for the winter embodies true femininity and the beauty of a woman.

The Aurora Borealis collection took inspiration from the illuminated darkness of the night represented in a palette of colors with twinkling effects and overlays changing: black, gray, wine, grapes and blue with accents of color, mixing important graphic elements and applications such as brightness and details tiptoe, ribbons, stripes, lace and accessories highlighted and mixed with satin fabrics.

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Our ideal client is a woman that takes care of her soul and appearance- an independent woman who is sure of herself and an exacting woman that follows the latest trends in fashion.

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