Inside Juliana Jabour
Interviewed by Kenyatta D. Pious

Juliana Jabour introduces her eponymous collection by stating what we have observed: the collection is “laid back, versatile and practical.”  The brand caters to women “who love comfort and are fashion conscious, but not label oriented.”  Jabour continues, “they are independent, easy going and well-rounded.”
Jabour could be talking about herself when she describes her clients.  She, after all, “was working in another brand and [then she] started doing [her] own label during [her] spare time.”  Talk about versatility!  Her initial foray into fashion was “mini-collections” of 8 to 10 pieces each.  After very successful sales, Juliana Jabour decided to work on her own label.

Fashion Ledge caught up with Juliana for a quick exploration of her brand. 

Fashion Ledge: Do you consider yourself competing against other brands?
JJ: I don’t have any competitors who offer the same style that Juliana Jabour® does. Some Brazilian brands like Neon, Cris Barros and Raia de Goeye share the same costumers, but not the same style.

Fashion Ledge: Say more about your client base.
JJ: Juliana Jabour® was created to supply the women who want to feel sensual without being vulgar. There are no deep necklines or things that are too tight.  On the other hand, the label explores shoulders and legs, always making sure that once one part is revealed, the other is concealed and so on…
Juliana Jabour® fills the void of clothes that can be worn in all kinds of situations, from day-by-day activities to fancy parties, all with the same outfit.  It’s just a matter of changing accessories.


Fashion Ledge: Describe the latest collection?
JJ: It´s a contemporary review of 60´s futurism, mini-lengths, A-line silhouette
mixed up with some 80´s elements (constant influence on Juliana Jabour´s® work).
The colors are grey, in all its variety, purple, red and various shades of brown. 

Fashion Ledge: What are your thoughts on the industry?
JJ: What I like about the fashion industry lately is the FREEDOM that people have.  There are no more pre-conceived rules!!!!  People can wear whatever they feel more appropriate regardless of the time of the day, as long as they have a little bit of common-sense.  Also, with the amount of supply, people can follow trends at all price levels, according to their budget…

Fashion Ledge: Speaking of trends, what do you think will be big next season?
JJ: Pastel Colors, stripe patterns, mini-lengths, jumpsuits, big bows and a “surreal” feeling.

Fashion Ledge: How is the Juliana Jabour marketed? 
JJ: Juliana Jabour® strategy is all based on PR. That would include fashion editorials, celebrity endorsements and two fashion shows per year. Many Brazilian celebrities wear the brand and hopefully, in a near future, American celebrities as well.


Fashion Ledge:
What’s up next?
JJ: [Expanding the] Juliana Jabour® marketing strategy, improving the website and, in a near future, opening my first flagship store.

Fashion Ledge: What would you say to a young designer? 
JJ: Love what you do, regardless of what it is!!!!!!!!!  It’s the most important thing in life...The rest is consequence!!! 

Juliana Jabour® is available throughout Brazil and also in Japan, Europe and most recently launched in the US. US stores include: Mick Margo in NY, Satine in LA,, and Cybele in Miami. Juliana Jabour can also be purchased at

Prices are reasonable considering the quality of the garments and the market price of similar items: $120-$250. Higher end, Gold line ranges from $600-$1500. 


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