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Written by Yvette N. Coleman


How many times have we bought a product with high hopes of it doing what it claims?  I have a shelf full of them and usually only keep them for the decorative bottle (and the fact that I’ve spent my hard earned money and just can not come to grips of throwing it away).  Well I came across something truly special and it comes in a little package that holds a lot of punch!  Creator Trudie Tapper-Coverdale walked away from corporate America to bring her dream to light, and thank goodness she did.  Three years ago she began her own venture into the beauty realm.  TruButter was born from the need to find a more satisfying skincare treatment that would last more than just a couple of hours.  Trudie’s background in environmental science gave her the insight of natural products and took on the task of further enlightening herself to enrich her passion for quality products.

See for yourself view the list below and enjoy Trudie’s passion!

Body Butter –a combination of natural shea butter, Jojoba oil and a special blend of other moisturizing oils that leave your body soft and supple all day long.  Vitamin A ( a major ingredient in acne fighting creams (Retin-A), vitamin E, and cinnamic acid, which allow it to reduce facial lines, dark spots, blemishes & bumps. Aside from a being high grade moisturizer,

It promotes the healing of wounds, burns, rashes, insect bites, severely dry skin, and sooths eczema as well as psoriasis. Naturally improves the skins elasticity, it is a favorite among expecting mothers to prevent stretch marks.
Just Shea (unscented) –100% all-natural cold-pressed shea butter. Can be used as a body butter or a travel butter. Great to use as a facial moisturizer for those with dry to normal skin.

Sugar Scrub–The process removes dead skin revealing new healthy and glowing skin. Our sugar scrub gently exfoliates while calming lavender essential oils stimulate and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it silky soft. Use in the shower after washing with soap or gel. Massage over entire body. Rinse in cool water. Pat dry. Can be used to give body sugar rubs and deluxe pedicures with foot massages.

 Bath & Body Oil – soothes, invigorate and recondition the skin. Use on wet or dry skin. Developed for massage and home bath use. Soaks into the skin and spreads easily. Essential oils provide aroma-therapy, while the masseuse’s touch eases tension.


“Where I will gain a greater breadth of knowledge that will allow me to create more complex products using the best ingredients. TruButter is my passion, and I want people to benefit from the world’s best natural ingredients. “


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