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FashionLedge.com is a one-stop experience for fashionistas. The “on the ledge” philosophy is a maxim for forward thinking designers, models, makeup and other fashion trends that escape many who previously would have defined themselves as in the know. Ingenious subplots, which include celebrity style, a stronghold on college campus style, non-insouciant fashion news and an array of fashion advice, position FashionLedge.com to be unrivaled in the fashion industry.

FashionLedge.com is a conduit to the world's hottest fashion shows. FashionLedge.com goes beyond mere runway photos - - we offer reviews, video footage and up and personal behind the scenes documentation to major fashion events all over the globe. It is no wonder we dare you to: “Straddle the Ledge.”

Text Links/Ads are 40 or 75 characters - - $450 per week
Half Page is 336x600 or 300x600 - - $950 per week

$65 per 1,000 registered opt-in email addresses
Front page at $1250 per week - - shared with up to two other banners.
Top Banner
o $55/cpm targeted
o $45/cpm untargeted
Note: Banners are placed in rotation with other banners.

Exclusive Sponsorships/ Custom Advertising: Custom-designed sponsorships are available on all pages. Rates are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Ad Type Production Deadline
Gif/Animated Gif
(including 3rd party-served gif banners) 5 business days
HTML 5 business days
Text links on site 5 business days
Email text links (copy and url)* 5 business days
Cancellation Policy:
Orders for advertising shall be cancelable with 14 days (10 business days) prior notice. Exclusive and non-exclusive sponsorships are non-cancelable.


All specifications apply to all ads hosted by FashionLedge.com
• Creative must be in working order before it is sent to FashionLedge.com.
• FashionLedge.com will not be responsible for incorrectly trafficked creative.
• All creative will be sent back to the client to fix.
• All impressions on banner pop-up creative will count via the banner, not the pop-up.
• Agencies must provide GIF ads in conjunction with all Rich Media, to serve as a default.
• All Rich Media ads must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to launch for testing purposes.
• All ad units must launch a new browser when clicked on.
• New ad units to be added to, or exchanged into, an existing campaign may be submitted weekly.

To place an ad, discuss our media kit and/ or for more questions: advertising@fashionledge.com


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